Let me guess…you found this website because your dream is to build a stream of income with an online “app” or “site”. You have probably heard all about SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), and maybe even the term micro-SaaS.

Maybe you have been voraciously consuming videos and podcasts (and maybe books) about micro-business and passive income?

When you feel you are ready to learn more about creating a micro-business based on WordPress, using no-code/low-code techniques, and leveraging super cool software tools, please consider my joining my free sign-up.

But something is holding you back?

Is it the programming or coding that bothers you? Are your skills up-to-date? Not a developer by trade… or maybe a developer in a “non-web-app” language? Are you a creative in another field entirely and the thought of coding makes you sweat?

Is it the programming language choice? Or the choice of no-code/low-code framework? Maybe the commitment to a hosting service or cloud hosting? Or the question of using open-source vs a closed-source app builder? Which approach will be “best”?

Maybe the choice of the business / SaaS idea itself? Have no ideas? Have too many ideas? Ideas or dreams are big, but you are worried about if you can actually make this thing yourself?

Are you afraid of the costs, like hosting, development software, IDE/editors, plugins, themes, images, photos, video production and storage, streaming services, backup systems… costs that you might make a “big” mistake on?

And if you are funding this yourself…bootstrapping as it is called… you are likely doing as much of the work yourself. Your time instead of your money… and you are worried if you can do this, given your busy job, your partner, maybe even your kids?

So at this point, a typical online entreprenuer website would respond with…

I am THE EXPERT in online marketing, programming and IT – and I have an EASY SOLUTION, that will bring you RICHES with a 100% PASSIVE INCOME… join me on the beach with our laptops…”

Sound good?

Pardon my French but …

What I am really going to say are some of truths about development I have learned – based on my own experiences doing this for years:

All of the questions about the technology stack, code vs no-code, hosting options, idea generation, business model, software tools are real issues you have to deal with, BUT they will not hold you back. Only you can hold you back.

Let me repeat this again – The tech know-how and decisions (while important) are not the block. Your mindset is holding you back.

There is a tech that I use on my own projects, that can help a regular person (be they a IT pro or a tech-friendly creative) build a micro-SaaS. I am talking about something that you can build by yourself. An asset that will be capable of generating income, if that is your goal.

Note that I said “capable of”. There is no guarantee that any online business will create wealth – that depends on your idea / biz model, on your level of dedication, and on how well your audience / customers perceive the value to themselves, and yes… luck. You have zero chance if you do nothing, so give yourself the opportunity to try.

Mindset x Tech = Opportunity

I know you can create the micro-SaaS that opens the opportunity surface area up. It is not rocket science. It just takes you to start taking action.

I have been programming for decades, and for the past 8 years have developed PHP and JavaScript web apps. For over 3 years I have been focused on WordPress as a micro-SaaS development framework.

My goal here at Plugged Into Programming is to help like-minded solo-prenuers with the techniques, low cost (sometimes free) open-source software software, and proven tech-stack that have helped me create some really cool things.

My friends and family know I live and breath this stuff. I personally find it fascinating and FUN.

I would love to help you learn how to do this too.