Plugged Into Programming Podcast: A look at data driven web apps

As part of our series on 7 different products that can be created using the WordPress plugin programming framework, we are looking at a type of web app. Data-driven, web applications are software that helps businesses, corporations, non-profits, and government organizations collect, store, and analyze data. These are usually complex in terms of data storage (more…)

Plugged Into Programming Podcast: The pro and cons of building a micro SaaS product

Micro SaaS is a type of Software-as-a-Service product, and today’s show looks at the pros and cons of creating one as your business model.  This is part of a series looking at 7 different types of products that can be built using the WordPress Plugin Programming Framework.  This is what we focus on at (more…)

Plugged Into Programming Podcast: Creating and Selling WordPress Plugins as Software Products

Selling or licensing plugins is what I call the “traditional” business model in the world of WordPress programming. There are over 50,000 free plugins found in the repository, all open source. Many of those have up-sells to paid, premium versions. There are also hundreds of premium plugins sold directly from websites and other commercial (more…)

Plugged Into Programming Podcast: The DOM explained with hands-on examples

In this episode we are exploring an important part of web programming that is hidden in plain sight to most of us – it is called the DOM. This stands for the Document Object Model, and it is created to represent the html document in the web browser every time code is sent from a (more…)