Plugged Into Programming Podcast: What is the biggest advantage of building a micro SaaS using WP

There are many factors to consider when choosing the framework or platform you are going to use to build your micro SaaS product. Solo-founders-programmers who are considering to use WordPress often ask the question: What is the biggest advantage of building a micro SaaS using WP? Answer: You will 100% own and control your platform. (more…)

Plugged Into Programming Podcast: An update on the learning design and community structure of the

In this episode, Professor Jamie talks about the project that he has been developing for the past several years, and has evolved into the  This is a learning platform/community for solo-founder-programmers who want to make new streams of income from plugin products or SaaS applications.  The project is getting closer to launch, and Jamie (more…)

Plugged Into Programming Podcast: A look at data driven web apps

As part of our series on 7 different products that can be created using the WordPress plugin programming framework, we are looking at a type of web app. Data-driven, web applications are software that helps businesses, corporations, non-profits, and government organizations collect, store, and analyze data. These are usually complex in terms of data storage (more…)

Plugged Into Programming Podcast: The pro and cons of building a micro SaaS product

Micro SaaS is a type of Software-as-a-Service product, and today’s show looks at the pros and cons of creating one as your business model.  This is part of a series looking at 7 different types of products that can be built using the WordPress Plugin Programming Framework.  This is what we focus on at (more…)

Plugged Into Programming Podcast: Creating and Selling WordPress Plugins as Software Products

Selling or licensing plugins is what I call the “traditional” business model in the world of WordPress programming. There are over 50,000 free plugins found in the repository, all open source. Many of those have up-sells to paid, premium versions. There are also hundreds of premium plugins sold directly from websites and other commercial (more…)

Plugged Into Programming Podcast: The DOM explained with hands-on examples

In this episode we are exploring an important part of web programming that is hidden in plain sight to most of us – it is called the DOM. This stands for the Document Object Model, and it is created to represent the html document in the web browser every time code is sent from a (more…)

Plugged Into Programming Podcast: How looking backward can sometimes help you move forward

It is very easy for a solo-programmer and solo-founder to get overwhelmed or side-tracked when developing a software product/business, such as a WordPress plugin or a micro-Saas (Software as a Service). In this episode we will looking at a planning technique called backward planning or reverse planning. I originally learned it from a professional business (more…)

Plugged Into Programming Podcast: Concepts Creativity Coding Coaching

I have developed an approach to how I communicate with students learning programming. I try my hardest to include 4 elements in my videos, podcasts, and courses – Concepts, Creativity, Coding, and Coaching. I have found that while people might be seeking to learn a new computer language, what they really are looking for is (more…)