Day 6 – Taking the micro-SaaS bull by the PayPal horns!

I was just listening to another podcast yesterday that had Seth Godin on as a guest. He has a new book out called “The song of significance”. Anyway, Seth gave some advice to help people focus on creative projects. I am qupting him from what I jotted down while at a stop light yesterday: “What … Read more

The biggest advantage of building a microSaaS using WordPress

Leveraging WordPress as a Development Framework We have already discussed this in detail in a previous article, but to summarize, here are 3 big advantages to using WP: But when you talk to successful solo-founders / solo-programmers, they will often reply that the number one thing they value the most is ownership and control – … Read more

A data driven web app created using WordPress

As part of our series on 7 different products that can be created using the WordPress plugin programming framework, we are looking at a type of web app. Data-driven, web applications are software that helps businesses, corporations, non-profits, and government organizations collect, store, and analyze data. These are usually complex in terms of data storage … Read more