I have developed an approach to how I communicate with students learning programming. I try my hardest to include 4 elements in my videos, podcasts, and courses – Concepts, Creativity, Coding, and Coaching. I have found that while people might be seeking to learn a new computer language, what they really are looking for is a way to solve some sort of problem. The technology or code is only part of the solution. Here are some ideas I have about why each of the 4 areas are equally important.

Here is my YouTube covering this topic:


  • We need to expose our minds to new ideas and ways of thinking and doing
  • Gives us the symbology and language needed to work new concepts into our plans and actions
  • You can’t open doors (opportunities) if you can’t even see the doors


  • It is often non-linear; Invention can pull from unexpected directions
  • Give yourself permission to PLAY and EXPLORE
  • It has systematically drilled out of us in school / work
  • We need to reprogram ourselves to get it back


  • Computer languages and dev tools are how we express our programs, but the coding really starts inside us
  • Most people think this is beyond their understanding – but that is usually becaise of poor teaching / teachers
  • Embrace all languages, including no code / low code – soon we will be speaking or thinking our “coding”


  • Helping someone to see the inner-strengths they already have inside them
  • To help with some practical strategies
  • We all need someone to encourage us when things seem bleak or we seem weak

Below is the audio podcast of this post:

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Plugged Into Programming ( s1e1 ). I would love to get your comments and questions below. Thanks for participating – Jamie

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