It is very easy for a solo-programmer and solo-founder to get overwhelmed or side-tracked when developing a software product/business, such as a WordPress plugin or a micro-Saas (Software as a Service). In this episode we will looking at a planning technique called backward planning or reverse planning. I originally learned it from a professional business coach many years ago, and it really gave me some “aha” moments. I will be giving you some concepts, with real-world examples how it has helped me with my side-hustle projects, such as

Even the best laid plans can sometimes unravel. Everyone who has ever created a software product or business has gotten “stuck”. I have a segment of coaching where I give you strategies to get yourself focused on what is really important. Remember, done is better than perfect. You can do it! Enjoy.

I have embedded both the YouTube version and Audio Podcast version below:

Below is the audio podcast version of this show:

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Plugged Into Programming ( s1e2 ). I would love to get your comments and questions below. Thanks for participating – Jamie

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