Micro SaaS is a type of Software-as-a-Service product, and today’s show looks at the pros and cons of creating one as your business model.  This is part of a series looking at 7 different types of products that can be built using the WordPress Plugin Programming Framework.  This is what we focus on at wpPluginCollege.com with our shows and courses.

  • MicroSaaS are specifically engineered to be built and operated by a solo-founder or perhaps a tiny team. 
  • It is often the choice for those seeking to build a sustainable, lifestyle business. 
  • They can also be scaled larger if circumstances dictate.
  • I feel that this presents a lot of cool opportunities to programmers and founders who are bootstrapping and need to go after a tightly niche market.

As usual, I am embedding both a YouTube and Podcast version below – enjoy!

Below is the audio player with the podcast version of the same show

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Plugged Into Programming ( s1e5 ). I would love to get your comments and questions below. Thanks for participating – Jamie

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