In this episode, Professor Jamie talks about the project that he has been developing for the past several years, and has evolved into the  This is a learning platform/community for solo-founder-programmers who want to make new streams of income from plugin products or SaaS applications. 

The project is getting closer to launch, and Jamie shows off the structure for the curriculum. Everything is divided into learning centers. Most centers will have courses, forums, and live online events.  Those centers, such as Plugin Programming, will also have the hands-on learning lab that he has been developing. This helps get the student into learning mode almost instantly.  

We will release more information as the material is built out and we get closer to launch. For now, if you are interested please sign-up for the Free Subscription to the newsletter.


The entire curriculum is organized into a number of specialized centers. They are designed to allow easy access to topics, and there is also a hierarchy to the centers, aiding the participant through an ever more advanced or complex level. 

  • Success-Starting-Sustaining
  • WordPress-as-a-Platform
  • Essential-Programming-Skills
  • Plugin-Programming-Framework
  • SaaS-Development
  • Multimedia-for-Apps-and-Sites
  • The-Breakroom
  • Business-for-the-Solo-Founder


Centers generally have the following structure, though there may be slight differences depending on the subject matter:

  • Courses – mainly video based, using step by step lessons, they also include downloadable course materials, code, plugins, and access to the hands-on learning lab. Courses are also characterized as beginner, intermediate,and advanced, to assist the student as they move thru the materials
  • Forum – discussion forums provide an interactive way for students to ask the professor questions or to report technical problems, etc. They can also facilitate student to student interaction
  • Live events – these can take the form of webinars or small group meetings, and add an exciting level of access for both Q&A and coaching

Audio podcast version

As usual, the audio from this show episode is also posted to my podcast:

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Plugged Into Programming ( s1e7 ). I would love to get your comments and questions below. Thanks for participating – Jamie

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