I Wanted More…And You Probably Do Too

I really try to be a no BS type person. I do not like the hype surrounding a lot of the online entrepreneur material – most are get rich quick schemes. I wanted more than that…

  • I personally try to follow people who are doing real-world things that make sense to me.
  • I guess I am super practical too. With a full time J1 and family, I don’t have endless money and time to waste. I seek action I can take.
  • And most of all I am happy to make a nice stream of sustainable income, based on a technology-framework and a business-model that I can manage as a solo-preneur.

Do you feel the same? If you want honest information and discussion about micro-SaaS, I would like to propose an exchange. I want to include you on my email list, so we can keep in touch.

I you agree, I will, from time to time, send you things about micro-SaaS, WordPress, and low/no code development. I will also send you links to the latest podcast episodes. I promise to never share your name or email with anyone else. And I will remain respectful of your time and energy. My content is all about taking action on a sustainable manner, that respects your time/energy and your future customers too.

Of course, this is free (as in no money) 🙂

Thanks, Jamie
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If you are still in doubt, I suggest you first listen to some of my “Plugged Into Programming” podcast episodes. That way, you will understand where I am coming from and see for yourself if we are on the same path.