The Opportunities

If you listen to my podcasts and follow what I am doing, you will hear me talk about the opportunity surface area. I am not sure what luck is, but I do know that if you take zero action, you get zero results. When you take action, especially focusing on critical parts of a project, you begin to unfold a sort of net or antenna – your opportunity surface area. The more you open this out, the more chances you get at the opportunities that exists out there. I guess you could say you increase your luck.


An often overlooked opportunity (especially for tech people like us), is the emotional opportunities. We tend to ignore this critical aspect of our lives and careers. Yes, I am a big Star Trek fan and Mr. Spock is one of my heros. He could walk thru a wall of fire and have no fear, work tirelessly on any problem. The problem when we try that is that we burn out. We are after all not Vulcans. This has to be rewarding at some emotional level. Fun. Recognition. This is especially critical for the solo-preneur.

Independent stream of income

Stop trading your time for money

Invest a portion of your time and $ in building an asset

Think micro-incomes

Keep building a fleet of assets. Experiment. Test. Pivot. Remember our process.

Now that you have learned more about the process and the opportunities, let’s jump a bit deeper into the tech-stack. Namely, why are we focusing on using open source software, especially WordPress, as our development framework.