The Process

I already mentioned how this online micro-business stuff is a combination of Mindset and Technology. In fact, the longer I am involved in this the more I see that it is probably 90% Mindset and only 10% Tech.

Let’s start by looking at the process, and then I will show you what I mean about the 90% to 10% ratio.

Get Moving -> Dream -> Create -> Test -> Promote -> Repeat

The process above is a linear representation of what is really a non-linear action plan. I can also show this as a loop, much like the old Lean Process.


Even showing this as a loop is not enough. In reality, as solo-preneur is having to keep multiple aspect of the process alive as they work on the project. I have had to develop my own non-liner way of doing these projects. Each step is really connected in more complex ways.

Multi-tasking can be a terrible trap.

It is really keeping a situational awareness, but being able to focus your work energy on the most important task at hand.

We have to avoid a deadly trap though. Keeping really busy while avoiding the most difficult part of the process / project.

We have to move thru phases.

As a solo-preneur, we have to maximize our personal focus and time spent.

We have to acknowledge the start and stop nature of a solo-developer, juggling so many tasks. This is especially the case for thsoe of us doing these as a sidehustle too. We must haver a way to capture where we are when we stop so we can pick back up seamlessly.

The good news is that we have a process to follow – that really works well with the development software and framework. It might sound intmidating to someone unfamilar, but I know you can become very productive.

All the tech and process mean nothing if we don’t take action and maintain our motivation. A big part of mindset is to see the rewards and feel the emotional progress. Let’s look at this more deeply in our next section about the opportunities.