Day 6 – Taking the micro-SaaS bull by the PayPal horns!

I was just listening to another podcast yesterday that had Seth Godin on as a guest. He has a new book out called “The song of significance”. Anyway, Seth gave some advice to help people focus on creative projects. I am qupting him from what I jotted down while at a stop light yesterday: “What is the very very hard thing, that if it happens, your project will work better?”. In other words, figure out the part that maybe you don;t know as much about (or down-right do not enjoy as much) and hit it first.

So I took the bull by the horns and selected the payment gateway and membership level/user registration part. Not as flashy as the other parts of the micro-SaaS I am redoing in this ongoing test – but critically important for so many reasons.

In this pod I will talk about my 11 hour saga today (on my vaca day off from J1) … Ok I did eat a few meals at home… but it was a solid focused day. I am very happy 🙂

  • Some gotchas on having to create a new business level paypal – they would not let my old paypal create APIs any more.
  • How to get the pro version of jetformbuilder – the crocoblock super advanced form builder that I get with my license level. Turns out you get the free plugin from the WP repo and the pro parts are add-on that I get with my license.
  • Building the form was the easy part
  • Created a CCT using jetengine – to store some buyer info
  • Learned about the post submit actions on the jetform settings on Gutenberg.
  • A few gotchas due to even 1 year old youtube videos and other docs being outdated – crocoblock is modernizing everything all the time – which is great.
  • Got some help from the cocoblock chat support – excellent and fast info
  • Got some help from a youtube chat with some random user helping my with a 5 month old chat
  • Completed the tests – finally getting a user registered, CCT record on the order inserted, an email to the admin sent, and a jetformbuilder form record being saved into a sort of form log

All very cool. I learned a lot and it is full steam ahead.

Thank you Seth Godin for inspiring my direction today – as now I can get to the fun parts 🙂